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By on July 9, 2012

Do you love dominant women? The days are long gone when visiting a dominatrix was considered somehow sleazy. That’s history now. If you want to step outside of your everyday life for an hour or two of bliss, visiting an expert in role-play can be therapeutic and a lot of fun. Live out some of your wildest fantasies safely – why not!

But make sure you visit someone who knows what she is doing. It can be hard to track down an expert professional Mistress. There are quite a few around who don’t really have the skills, the experience, the premises and the equipment that’s needed. How do you know to avoid those and find someone who is able to give you the thrilling experience you want?

There is just one international directory we recommend. Domination Directory International features the world’s top professional dominatrixes. It’s your guide to best in domination, packed with ads from Mistresses in major cities across the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.

Domination Directory International is published by David Jackson, an expert we have known well for over 20 years. No-one knows more about dominatrixes than David and he takes ads only from Mistresses regarded as skilled, safe and responsible.

Looking through the latest edition, DDI number 73, you will find ads from London dominatrixes including Mistress Absolute, Miss Myers, Mistress Chatterley, Miss Miranda, Mistress Claudia and Dominatrix V.

From Sydney, Australia, Mistress Tokyo is featured. Not to mention Mistress Shane in Belgium, Mistress Deborah in Kansas City and Persephone from Michigan. We know each of these Mistresses and recommend them.

There are also quite a few Mistresses we have never met – but would very much like to. The ad for Liliane Hunt in San Francisco caught our eye. Likewise Ella Strictland of Houston, Texas, Rowynn Eire of Las Vegas, Alice Malice of London, Ellen from San Diego, Darcy in New York and Sasha in London.

But that’s just us – there are many more for you to chose from. It’s a lot of fun to browse through the pages of DDI magazine, picking out the particular divine Mistress of your dreams. It’s a big 116-page album of domination that you will want to keep and collect. (Even if you never muster the courage to visit your dream dominatrix!)

Until now, it has been really hard to track the magazine down – you won’t find DDI in every corner shop. We are now able to post Domination Directory International to you anywhere in the world.

DDI costs £14:95 + shipping – a sound investment to find a professional Mistress you can trust. Shipping is only 1 penny in the UK (!), £4.08 in Europe and £7.13 to the USA and rest of the world. You can shop in UK pounds, in US dollars or in Euros.

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Goddess Natashka

March 13, 2012 @ 09:15

Great Domina Directory, excellent for those who don’t like using computers but want to stay in touch with the top of the line Pro-Dommes

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