DomCon: Mistresses Exposed…

By on June 4, 2013


Now we’ve had a little time to reflect on our time at DomCon we thought we’d share with you what a few of the Mistresses had to say about the event, why the LOVE to dominate and how they got into the scene.

Mistress Absolute spoke exclusively to some of the biggest names in the fetish industry on all things fetish related…


Mistress Precious

Mistress Absolute interviews Mistress Precious at Dom Con 2013. Over the past 20 years the Mistress has been a lifestyle SM player in the private SM community… here’s what she had to tell Skin Two about her experience in the industry…


Maitresse Renee

Mistress Absolute interviews Maitresse Renee at Dom Con 2013. Dallas Fort Worth’s premier professional dominantrix tells Skin Two what she loves about DomCon and what made her want to be come a pro-domme…



Mistress Absolute has an in depth interview with fetish and bondage model and performer Jewell Marceau at the DomCon 2013 event in Los Angeles.


Mistress Absolute interviews Goddess Phoenix at Dom Con 2013. Atlanta based Goddess Phoenix chats with Skin Two about her experiences in the fetish industry and what direction she feels the scene is heading in…


To see pictures from DomCon 2013 visit are gallery OR if you wish to submit to their naughty requests and are looking for a new toy then visit our online store where we’ve got whips, hoods, canes and much, much more…


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