Detention The DVD, Starring Strictly Miss Brown

By on December 10, 2010

Miss Brown is an imposing brunette, long hair pulled back, full bosomed in a dark silk blouse, black skirt and stockings and shiny high heels. She has dressed to downplay her beautiful figure rather than flaunt it, but then she has serious business at hand. And what a hard hand and unflagging energy she displays. The scolding never misfires, the realistic atmosphere is maintained throughout, helped by a two-camera shoot enabling many different angles and constructive editing.

Two attractive adult schoolgirls are given detention with lines to write. After a charming flirtatious preliminary with the beautifully made up and coiffed Miss Chater, (Tammie Lee) a gorgeous if ineffectual junior teacher dressed attractively in an elegant low cut top and fine stockings, the formidable Miss Brown returns to punish the girls for neglecting their lines. Lucinda, (Leia-Ann Woods) is a tall, thin, pig-tailed delight with a seriously pert bottom and Emily, (Amy Hunter) is a doe-eyed lovely with a slightly fuller figure whom the camera loves, as will the viewers of this excellent DVD.

A long, slow, over the knee spanking for both girls has them both wincing. “Let’s have those pinafores off. Now! I haven’t got all day.” While Miss Brown is absent the discussion of needing to pee and switching weight from foot foot to relieve the pressure would have Quentin Tarintino in ecstasy, (check the start of Death Proof), should he ever tire of blowing people up and watch something life-affirming for a change.

The punishment continues with plenty of good facial reaction shots alternating with the reddening bottoms, shaven treasures glimpsed briefly then at length while facing forwards, all accompanied by a tranquil Chopin piano sonata.

After a partial strip to white vest, knickers, socks and highly polished black shoes the tawse comes into play. The cries of distress are louder as Lucinda has to move around to process the pain from some beautifully delivered hard strokes. Then the Holy Grail for CP givers, the involuntary stand-up-and-grab-back. “Hands on the Chair, girl!” After ten strokes the recipient is occasionally whimpering after the initial pained ‘Ow’ has been elicited.

“Let’s have those down, shall we?” breathes Miss Brown as she slowly peels down Emily’s white knickers. The limpidly beautiful big-eyed beauty is soon reduced to a screwed up face, crying, can’t keep still, very sorry miscreant indeed. “Stop! Snivelling!” Her stern teacher leaves enough space between each stroke to ensure that each is felt afresh, no numbing to ease the punishment.

The hugging and bonding scenes between the girls work well, as does the occasional hand-holding. A pause for the girls to stand knickers-down, displaying their red bottoms and then Miss Brown returns. “You are both to receive twelve strokes from my cane,” she declares in a menacing tone. “And I want you to count them.”

The first cane stroke has Lucinda standing up and rubbing. By stroke five little yelps of anguish punctuate her response, the count out loud and sniffing back the tears hardly a surprise given the tight accuracy of the caning, each stroke drilled into her lovely bottom, none on the legs or in the sulcus. Miss Brown is a consummate professional. Lucinda can’t help but cup her beaten cheeks as she walks to watch her friend being punished.

The implacable Miss Brown stands wide-legged to deliver another hard yet accurate thrashing, no easy task. Not a stroke is misplaced. Crying after the first impact, we are treated to some enticing contortions throughout Emily’s slow dozen, an agonised dance which will thrill all discipline enthusiasts. Finally the twelfth is delivered. “Stop snivelling and stand up. Now!” Her expression of pain as her tight, white knickers are pulled up over the welts shows how genuine this DVD is, as does their rubbing of their well-caned bottoms as they leave.

What a relief to see this high gloss production with good acting from all four women, all of whom are conventionally attractive, indeed beautiful. Which enables suspension of disbelief, a welcome change after some of the more slovenly Fem-Dom products offered by less attractive ladies, some of whom appear as their far too down to earth selves rather than in character. So I’m shallow. But then film is a visual medium and this flawless, glossy production was like a glass of champagne after pints of flat ale. Stylist Rachel Garley dressed and prepared everyone to perfection. supplied the girls’ clothes. Well done Princesse Media.

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by Mark Ramsden

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Miss Brown

December 13, 2010 @ 19:50

Thank you Mark for such a wonderful review of Detention. I don’t know about Santa Claus, but there maybe something for you in Miss Brown’s stocking!

mark ramsden

December 11, 2010 @ 17:34

Thanks Jason, that film, those ladies and everyone involved really raised the game for this genre. There’s a follow up DVD available called ‘Revision’. I hope Santa Claus sends it to me to review.

Jason Dawes

December 11, 2010 @ 16:37

How good to read such an elegant and articulate review of a truly wonderful CP movie.

Champagne all round!

alessandro lemos

December 11, 2010 @ 14:15

Beautiful and hard. Great!!

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