DeMasK, of Amsterdam

By on July 29, 2013

1989 is forever engraved into fetish history as the year DeMasK’s first boutique opened in Amsterdam.

Word spread far and wide of DeMasK’s designs and its impeccable craftsmanship. Their highly fetishistic styles featured lots of zips and buckles – we loved them!

While DeMasK covered the entire spectrum of fetish, its DNA lies deep in heavy rubber and they remain masters of the art

Then, in August 2011, ownership of the famous DeMasK label passed to a young married couple, Anton & Louva. They had been deeply involved with the company for many years and took over leadership full of inspiration and fresh ideas.

DeMasK’s influence doesn’t just start and stop in the changing rooms. They not only dress their kinky clients, they also give them a super stage called EuroPerve, to see and be seen, surrounded by thousands of other like-minded fetish friends.

In September 2012, the EuroPerve Resurrection event was warmly welcomed by an enthusiastic, beautifully dressed crowd. Don’t miss the next edition: Europerve Resurrection II, 21 September 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam – Dortmund – Munich – Ostrava

Photos by Thomas Rusch, Bommi, Eric Martin, Erikfoto, Lex de Kam, Luke Lenz, Me-Chiel, Patrick Ceuppens, Peter Diablow, Red Man

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