David Aaron Clark, 1960 – 2009

By on April 12, 2010

David Aaron ClarkeDavid Aaron Clark was a true pioneer of the BDSM world. As Editor of Screw magazine in New York, David reviewed a book I published a million years ago and we knew at once we were friends. He moved to San Francisco in 1995 and we shipped crates of Skin Two magazines to his home South of Market. There was gunfire in the street outside. Midori put wasabi into his mouth then sewed his lips shut. His girlfriend was the craziest dominatrix in town. David moved to LA and became a film director. You could say he lived the life. David’s novels, journalism and performance art were the most vivid around – seek them out – but his private life was his real art. David Aaron Clark died on November 28th 2009. Below is his memorial video and here is a story he gave me. I always meant to publish it. He was talented, kind and a gentleman to the core. Rest in peace David.
Tim Woodward

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