Dark Rising: The Fantasy Art of Aly Fell

By on January 3, 2013

You can do such a lot with fantasy art – that’s why we love it. We’ve all seen dominant women, yes – but dominant women pirates? Fierce female warriors, armed to the teeth and ready for action. Deadly women vampires, space captains striding across far distant moonscapes, gorgeous machine gun-toting gangster girls, cheeky pinup babes, etc.


These are just some of the fabulous females lovingly created for you in full colour in Aly Fell’s great fetish art book, Dark Rising. Aly is one of the world’s top fantasy artists, with a background in television and high level gaming. He knows what makes serious fantasy imagery.

Aly’s art is so much better than most of the old rubbish you see. It’s A4 size, 52 pages (including glossy cover) of lovely full colour fantasy illustrations. My own favourites are the pastiche pulp fiction book covers featuring tough, deadly, armed private eye babes from 1930s Hollywood. Get this for your collection!

Aly Fell is a self-employed illustrator, originally from Somerset, who paints out of an attic in Manchester. He previously worked as a traditional drawn-animator on TV shows and commercials, eventually moving into computer games as a concept artist, modeller and animator. He’s always drawn women, ever since he could pick up a pencil, and whereas Joan of Arc or Lady Jane Grey were once his inspiration, he now prefers ‘women doing stuff’.

Not strictly pin-up, not strictly ‘fantasy art’ or any of those other useful titles people use, Aly feels he kind of falls between a number cracks, where anything from slightly androgynous, cheesecake or gothic women to ‘girls next door’ end up arching an eyebrow or smirking slightly at the viewer whilst hefting a delicate blade or pointy weapon of some kind. Sometimes even a flintlock or two!

Aly has also edited art collections and recently his own work was seen on ‘The Steampunk Tarot Deck’ by Barbara Moore, published by Llewellyn.

His collection of personal art published by SQP Publishing is “Darkrising: The Art of Aly Fell” which is available now at £9.99 from KFS Media Click here…

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