Daddy’s Girl, by Stella Black

By on June 22, 2007

www.stellablack.netVirgin Books have a great list of erotica, including the Black Lace list, written entirely by – and very widely read by – women. Contributing Editor of Skin Two magazine, Stella Black, is author of the classic ‘Shameless’, one of the horniest and most truthful BDSM books written by a woman. It was followed by ‘Stella Does Hollywood’, in which our heroine takes on Los Angeles, armed with a 1969 Pontiac Firebird and a leopard-skin bra.

Stella was then asked by the publishers to describe the real sexual experiences on which these novels were based. The resulting book, ‘Daddy’s Girl’ is out now and is essential reading for everyone for whom BDSM sexuality is reality, not fantasy.

‘Daddy’s Girl’ describes Stella’s pleasure, arousal, confusion and liberation at the hands of an older man with whom she was deeply in love in the ‘eighties. The father figure she never had and the lover she always wanted, he understood and responded to her sexual core.

If you want to join a fiercely bright, emotionally brave and seriously pervy woman on a roller coaster ride of real life BDSM sex and love, read ‘Daddy’s Girl’

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Stella Black Shameless

Stella’s misbehaviour
with a couple of
cowboys in the
New Mexico desert
Stella Does Hollywood
Stella Does Hollywood

Sleeping around
the Strip

Stella Does Hollywood

Daddy’s Girl
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