CURIOUS PLEASURES: A Gentleman’s Collection of Beastliness

By on October 9, 2010

Some people think modern sexuality has gone far beyond reasonable boundaries but, once having a glance at this guide, supposedly made in the Victorian era, of all manner of far-fetched and incomprehensible carnal desires, you’ll see that we’ve become quite tame in comparison. Rumoured to be an old document accessible only to doctors and professors, the book was written under the guise of an overly inquisitive “Reverend Croom” who takes painstaking risks (crouching in bushes and falling out of trees) to observe people’s ridiculous and disturbing acts, later producing a scientific compilation that is an erudite yet laugh-out-loud read.

Expect to find in-depth descriptions for everything from Androgyny to Zoomutatolagnia (the desire to take on animal characteristics for the purpose of carnal pleasure), with comical commentary, yet all in a gentlemanly and respectable style and tone. And what’s more, it comes with playful illustrations to give you a hilariously filthy idea of the Reverend’s observations.

They say one quick perusal of its contents had women fainting, but today it is more likely to result in a mere raise of an eyebrow and a few chuckles. This reference book makes a unique gift for pervy peers or just naughtily curious friends, supplying them with a wealth of ways to impress with their sexual and dirty knowledge. It also contains a bibliography of other suggested reading for the gentleman, like Domestic Discipline and My Father was Not a Gorilla (the detailed refutation of Mr. Charles Darwin and other theorists), as well as a page for making your own field notes and observations.

Curious Pleasures: A Gentleman’s Collection of Beastliness By The Reverend Dr. Erasmus St. Jude Croom is available to buy on Amazon

By Kara Martin

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