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By on November 22, 2009

Cuir Bleu - Slip Away001Cuir Bleu is an American band based in California and Slip Away was released in 2006. The band themselves formed in 2003 but this is their first CD. Cuir Bleu have a definitive ‘80s goth  feel to their music, the beat gives a strong nod to the beautiful Depeche Mode, with electronic overtones and ‘80s leather visuals. Pixie’s vocals are very reminiscent of Annie Lennox’s, which works very well with the EBM feel.

The title track ‘Slip Away’ is extremely catchy; the opening has a similar feel to much of The Cruxshadows’ work – although I prefer the original as opposed to the remix – the original being a faster, heavier beat. ‘I’m Your Lover’ is a great surprise with more gothic overtones and wonderful use of violin to give it that extra richness.

The EP really falls down with ‘Falling Through Mirrors,’ which comes across as sickly sweet with almost preachy lyrics. ‘Look for the magic in children’s eyes and let love guide you through’ it’s just a bit too fluffy for my liking; the music doesn’t make up for the lyrical content and so this song doesn’t really  work.

The CD definitely grew on my after the second or third playing, although I would probably dance to ‘Slip away’ or ‘I’m your lover’ I definitely wouldn’t rush out to buy this CD. It’s worth a listen just to make up your own mind if you like Depeche Mode, The Eurythmics or The Cruxshadows but I didn’t find that Cuir Bleu packs a very promising punch.

EBM/ Goth/ Rock
Slip Away EP-2006- Asylum Arts
Download $4.99 CD-$5.99

Amy Kingsmill

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November 26, 2009 @ 01:15

Great band – just as polished live as in studio! Kalib’s other band, Audio-Terrorist kicks some serious ass too.

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