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By on May 22, 2012

One of the USA’s leading visual arts and fashion designers, Collective Chaos, previewed their latest designs at Torture Garden in Toronto on May 20th. We spoke to the creative head of Collective Chaos, Aliona.



“These are interesting times for fetish fashion trends. Beauty has been redefined to encompass more styles than ever before. Shock has obtained more value than quality and boundaries of fashion taboos have been blurred. But no matter the fashion trends, age or size, every woman yearns to be unique and desired, while being comfortable in her own skin.”

“We think modesty is desirable because it holds the potential for exposure. Restraint is endured for the anticipation of freedom –and class is fashionable in every situation and age.”

“All garments we make at Collective Chaos are designed to celebrate the wearer’s body, as well as the qualities of the materials we use, in unique patterns and styles.”

“Our new women’s collection reflects a mix of flattering latex dresses, modest coverage lingerie, classic long gowns and head-turning cage skirts. It features the elements of classic retro inspirations, some modern lines and dramatic futuristic elements.”

The upcoming Collective Chaos collection, presented in full at Torture Garden Toronto in May, will feature elements of all these aspects of Collective Chaos design.

The new Collective Chaos’ new collection will be available for sale from June 1st at

General inquiries, orders, distribution offers and custom quotes:

Retail stockists include Fetish Factory in Fort Lauderdale and Passional Boutique in Philadelphia

These photos are modelled by Ancilla Tilia (blonde) Rubberdoll (brunette in silver & red), Vaunt (1 in pink latex and black lace & 2 short black cage skirt) and Porcelain (1 in white latex and black lace and perforated leggings and 2 white cage skirt)

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