Club Rub. Does Rub stand for rubber or right up yer bum? The debate continues.

By on November 21, 2010

A Decade of Decadence – Club Rub’s Tenth Birthday Party

Club Rub does fun fetish better than anywhere else.Ten years on and it’s still rammed, raunchy and extremely RUDE.  The
Club’s deserved success is a combination of a loyal, lively crowd and
attractive hostess Kim’s people and party skills, (plus pulchritude). Check out  her amusing & informative newsletter at
You’ll see why people want to be part of the positive pervery posse.
There’s reasonable bar prices, helpful cloakroom and bar staff and
unobtrusive security. It’s glitzy yet unpretentious, they don’t make
the paying customers wait outside to create a buzz, or because sloth
or incompetence delayed the opening time. (How very rock’n’roll.)

The music is house for humans, much more soulful than your average
Hard House dustbin clanging and the people dress to impress but not freakishly  so. You don’t have to be Salvador Dali on acid to put a costume  together. There’s no shortage of glamourpusses in upmarket rubber or kink  couture but anyone following the basic dress code will be welcome.

If you’re a bloke looking for inspiration  just get some military or
Police gear, which will flatter your body, unlike rubber gimpery, and
is much more durable.  As ever, trannies are extremely welcome,
indeed they seem to be getting younger at Rub – maybe that’s just the
pervy Policepeople. Speaking of law and order, I watched as the expert Playpenz security  team Dave and Annie (swoon) looked after a woman who got her  chemistry experiment wrong, patiently and gently nursing her back to  walking wounded status. You don’t actually need anything illicit to  enjoy a dance or fetish play event and you’ll probably stand a better chance of meeting that special someone if you can string a sentence together.
In the dungeon downstairs there’s ample room for two or three couples
to be whipping up a frenzy or slowly toasting proffered buns. When
cheeky little minx Tank Girl is involved there’s no finer view.
Nearby is a curtained harem area for couples who want to get cuddly
and overall the club has almost as many nooks and crannies in which
to misbehave as the human body itself. Incidentally, there shall be
no nudity and no shagging. This be the law. And they mean it.
There’s no rule against making new friends though and even I have
managed to find several young and gorgeous trannies here, proof
positive that even Grim Reaper lookalikes have a chance at Rub.
Despite being bi and arriving in a black leather cowboy hat and shiny
boots I was surprised to be told that I ‘read’ as straight, which
would be news to the appalling teenagers in Kent who have decided
unanimously that anyone not wearing football kit or a hoody must be
gay. Should I tell them that gay clubs regularly run footie kit
nights or that they lust after scally teens? (excuse me while I
barf.)  3 a.m. consciousness may impede rational conversation but not the  giving of foot massage, often the quickest way to please weary women
in boots. It’s also a good way to make an introduction. Sucking and
kissing a Goddess’s toes provides mutual sensual delight, and also
ensures that the male comes out with fewer inanities than when he’s
putting his own foot in his mouth.
A glacial blonde beauty finally took pity on me when
I went into sub-slut mode, (the usual loved-up, brain dead
shambles.). Thanks Ma’am, it was a privilege to massage a rare beauty
who so recently graced the cover of Forum magazine.
If anyone is considering fetish clubbing for the first time, and is
perhaps concerned about fashion snobbery or online ogres tediously
flaunting their personality disorders, just come along. (After
reading the dress code and etiquette advice) You are likely to find a
warm welcome at Club Rub. Perhaps because it doesn’t attract bitter drunken  wrecks. So here’s to another decade of Rub. Fresh, funky, frolicsome – fuck it! Just go and see for yourself.


mark ramsden

November 22, 2010 @ 14:39

Thanks! Club Rub is certainly the most friendly welcome in London, there’s also a high standard of dress and behaviour. No hassle, no tension, no elitism just good times. Long may it continue.

Ann Carver

November 21, 2010 @ 22:00

Love Club Rub and everything said is true. We went to the Bizarre Ball last night and it really was not great so was searching twitter to see what others said couldn’t really find any negative feedback but then I came across this someone speaking the truth twitter link suzannesescorts review but the point is right at the end they say they could have gone to club rub where they do everything just right – say’s it all.

Mark Ramsden

November 21, 2010 @ 20:15

Although this was a few years ago Club Rub remains one of the best fetish clubs worldwide.

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