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CLUB BLACK WHIP – Friday January 10th

For the first Club Black Whip Party of the year,we will be celebrating Mistressmass so I invite all Goddesses, Mistresses, Madames, Dommes to wear something red to celebrate the festive season.Still as sexy and powerful as your usual sexy black clothes but red adds a bit of colour to mark this special time of year. Time to check your wardrobe for the right outfit, or why not have one of your subs treat you to something new.

And for all you submissives, slaves, subby boys and hangers on, we have a special something for you too! I demand that you each bring a gift worthy of giving to one of the Goddesses.

These gifts are to be anonymous and will be distributed at random to the Goddesses so you won’t know who is getting the gift you bring, but you had better make it good!

When choosing your gift, I expect you to use careful consideration in your choice, do not think that simply buying a box of chocolates on your way to the party will be acceptable, I want you to use your imagination to the full!

Some of the most beautiful and powerful Mistresses in London will be attending this party and they deserve your complete respect and admiration.Every sub will also be expected to contribute handsomely to the ladies Champagne fund by placing their tributes into a transparent vase that Mistress Isabella will bring to you and I will be examining this myself and I will NOT accept anything less than generous donations for our champagne.

Be generous with your gift and cash as it may save you from the lash! If you do not bring a gift, you may suffer a surprise punishment as entertainment for the Mistresses and to pay for your error!For this party I’m selling the tickets in advance as I have many female dommes and slaves, friends and followers that wish to attend so this will be a sold out event so be sure to buy your ticket now.

We are accepting paypal or bank transfer .

I stress that I already reserved tickets for friends and so few tickets are left for sale…..

Once you buy the ticket we will send you a confirmation and your name added to the door list(no real ticket will be issued)

Don’t forget, whether you pay at the door or in advance, all subs are expected to bring a wonderful gift, failure to do so will result in a punishment for you and some extra entertainment for us.

You have plenty of time to buy your gift before the party.

Please check through the website for all the info that you will need (e.g. dress code, time and address).

I look forward to sharing this special occasion with you all.

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