Club Black Whip London UK

By on February 24, 2009


In the heart of London beats a private club where your desires can crystallize as reality. That place is Club Black Whip – the name itself suggests its purpose. It is a place for those who wish to worship beautiful black mistresses, making it unique in London even Europe, but those of all ethnicities are welcome. I am Madame Caramel, the hostess of the club, the controller and the supreme mistress. I will welcome you to my domain and you will instantly feel the freedom that you so much desire. Your heart will beat faster as you enter my domain and your mind will soar to consider new pleasures and new fantasies. Find out more about this fascinating new club at:


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Madame Caramel

November 23, 2009 @ 22:32

Just come and say hello…..We are a friendly bunch of ladies who love ….. lol. MC

Mark Ramsden

October 22, 2009 @ 23:36

Not all Femdom is granite-faced, ball-kicking hardcore. As you can see from Madame Caramel’s comprehensive website domination may be sensual. If you behave yourself and are respectful you might be lucky enough to find a Dominant woman who enjoys light domination. It’s a good idea to learn foot massage or anything else that may help a Goddess enjoy her evening.

There are club Mistresses and also many other Dominatrices attending but they are in high demand so best be polite and you may be in luck. You’ll never know till you try it.

Mark Ramsden

peter ellis

September 18, 2009 @ 23:33

I do not want to be a slave but I do often have a submissive role to me. I would love to grovel to a mistress in pvc and big boots and lick her boots and crawl across the floor or stand in the corner. I do not mind being sternly spoken to. Am I too mild a submissive to come to the club?

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