By on August 18, 2013


Munches are a great way for people to dip their toe in the waters of the fetish scene! They are informal and friendly, they don’t involve a dress code, and they tend to take place in pub environments away from loud music. All in all an excellent way to take a first step and perhaps make a few friends and contacts. I came across the Chelmsford munch whilst compiling the events calendar and I liked their text ……

 “We are often asked what happens at the munch, the answer is simple. You make friends. It is not an activity or ‘play’ event as they are usually held in a public space, normally in a pub. At our munches we have a separate room to meet in where we often have a talk about anything from self bondage to what it means to be a dom/domme.”

   Sounds good, and it takes place at a great looking traditional English pub in an attractive setting. If you are in the area why not stop by. For more details check out the listing on the Skin Two Event calendar; click on the title and it will take you to their web page

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