“Anthropologist of the Forbidden” Charles Gatewood exhibits his work in London in October 08

By on July 24, 2008

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Gatewood’s world is freakish, earthy, blunt, erotic – most of all, terribly and beautifully alive.” A.D. Coleman, The New York Times

À Rebours (Against the Grain) are proud to present Pictures That Kill: A 40-year retrospective of the acclaimed American photographer Charles Gatewood.

The exhibition opens to the public at Gallery 32, 32 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, on October 2, 2008 and continues until October 24th. This, Gatewoods first ever London show, will include 40 silver gelatin prints, and feature rare images of Bob Dylan, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Annie Sprinkle, Carlos Santana, and Jimmy Page – plus vintage prints of work previously published in Gatewood’s photographic books, and ten original collages. Charles Gatewood will attend the exhibition’s opening and will host several events during his two-week visit.

Like photographers Arbus, Friedlander and Frank, Gatewood records extreme examples of America’s cultural consciousness, from dark visions of Wall Street to the bounty of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, via the deeply underground sex clubs of New York in the 1970’s. In The Body and Beyond, he writes, “Are there still areas of the behavioural map marked UNKNOWN? If so, book my passage at once, for it is on these mysteriously familiar journeys that I feel most alive. In these dark worlds I sense no limits. In these forbidden worlds I taste the infinite.”

Since the 1970s Gatewood has been exhibited widely in the States often to some controversy and he has published 15 books of fine art photography. These include Sidetripping (with William S. Burroughs), Pushing Ink (with Spider Webb), People in Focus, Forbidden Photographs, Primitives, The Body and Beyond, and Badlands. His work has been supported by three fellowships from the New York State Arts Council, and he has received awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Art Directors’ Club. His book Wall Street was awarded the Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Humanistic Photojournalism.

Pictures that Kill will be a first time opportunity for the UK public to experience the work of this extraordinary artist and “Anthropologist of the Forbidden”.

charles gatewood

 charles gatewood

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Skin Two Magazine: “Charles Gatewood’s photography transcends fashion, expectation and prejudice. His genre defies description: it is both anthropological documentation and visual documentary, both raw imagery and erotic photography.

35mm Photography: “Gatewood is the direct photographic descendant of Weegee. His images are pure photography, unfettered by the mock majesty of contemporary elitist art.”

The Australian: “Gatewood shows the kind of post-Arbus imagery which in hindsight was both logical and essential following Diane Arbus’ death.”

Eidos Magazine “Charles Gatewood is the Mapplethorpe of America’s sexual counterculture.”

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Pictures That Kill is the inaugural project of innovative and vibrant Art Salon À Rebours (Against the Grain) that aims to integrate live art into a selling gallery environment. The exhibition programme will include Performances that Kill, an evening of Live Art and happenings in the gallery space created in response to the collection by dynamic, young performance company Switch Theatre

For more information please contact Kate Bowtell on:
07811 288 600/ Kate@ARebours.co.uk

À Rebours or Against the Grain is an art space for innovative contemporary art in all of its forms. Reviving the ethos of the fin-de-siecle salon, combining chic, decadence and subversion, and with humour and a lightness of touch, À rebours exhibits serious and significant work without pomposity.

Integrating performance into a selling gallery environment and developing new models for the sale and commissioning of live art, À Rebours is setting out to completely break the mould. Expect regular live art evenings and happenings within in association with dynamic performance company Switch Expect to step through-the-looking glass into a world that intrigues, challenges, disorientates and excites. À Rebours website www.ARebours.co.uk

Switch is a company dedicated to new forms of performance, including live art and experimental theatre. Switch’s electic body of work to date includes my site | in space, a series of one-off events in which artists create work in a flash in response to an unusual space.; Playing the Victim, an extreme performance exploring sexuality and personal choice, recently performed at the Fierce Festival; Spirit + Flesh the first UK visit in 12 years of legendary Modern Primitive Fakir Mustapha; and Am I Good?, recently presented at Live Art Falmouth.

charles gatewood

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We are also very excited to announce that there will be an opportunity to purchase these exciting and important photographs…please contact Jane@arebours.co.uk/07729 533035 for more details and price list. More images are available on http://www.ARebours.co.uk. x

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