‘Celebrities’ Making Sex Toys

By on October 2, 2013

moulded breasts

I don’t like calling her a celebrity because in all honesty I didn’t know who she was or why she was on TV until I came across an interesting article. Her face kept popping up in tabloid news and social media, and I kept getting annoyed and scrolling past. But the clever little minx has now grabbed my attention and I’m sure more of us will now click on her face when she pops up on our screens.

Farrah-Abraham-June-2013Her name is Farrah Abraham. She is on TV and Facebook and in newspapers because she was on the programme Teen Mum (and went on to release a sex tape or two). And now, She has her own line of sex toys coming out, sex toys that have been moulded from her OWN private areas.

Now sex toys are not exactly big news, we all know about them, we all love them in secret, some of us not so secretly (the best way to love them), but what’s interesting is that this could be the beginning of a trend amongst celebrities. For the time being probably just C or D list, nonetheless it’s a new platform for the lesser known TV personalities to be less ‘lesser’ known. Biographies, perfume and clothing lines are obviously a ‘been there done that’ concept in the world of celebrity now. They are finding new paths to grab our attention and fill up their bank accounts. I don’t think we’re likely to see the likes of Taylor Swift or other such ‘wholesome’ country girls faces planted on our dildo packaging just yet, but it looks like this path is now open for celebrities.

The moulding it to her own privates comes across a little arrogant. Maybe men will dig it; I just don’t know I’m no expert on men’s thoughts on Farrah Abraham. Maybe the decision was because of demand for it, maybe she’s pulling a Miley Cyrus, unafraid of showing her desperation to stay in the limelight. Whatever the reason, she had us at sex toy. Could this be the start of made-to-order sex toys? Or the start of a long list of TV faces suddenly getting moulded (and not in the Madam Tussauds kind of way) and endorsing racier products? We’re keeping a sharp eye out to see where this goes. Watch this Space!

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