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Berlin. May 11. 2018. German Fetish Ball. Model – Satoria …… Clothing – Skin Two. …. Photograph by …… Latex shine (beGloss)…….

„beGLOSS“- We Love LATEX & …

Tokyo, where no one would be surprised no matter how extraordinary your fashion is. Cosplay culture is now very popular, “skirt boys” “make-up boys” become trends among young people and the LGBT boom is rising widely in recent years. On the other hands, it is the fact that it is still difficult to come out as […]

 Berlin. May 11. At the famous Kit Kat! Photos from previous events by Gili Shani. Details … Gili Shani –

GFB Models. Berlin 2018. My story “I was 15 years old when my passion for alternative fashion began, especially for latex and also BDSM. I loved the feeling of the latex on my skin, just to touch it made me very excited. From beginning it was just a big part of my personal life. Later on […]

  Don’t miss it!!!! Special offer from for the German Fetish Ball If you want to renew or complete your fetish outfit for the German Fetish Ball Weekend, you now have a very special opportunity: has issued a 25% discount code, which is valid until May 13th. Of course not only for ball […]