Candy Lush… It's a Latex Revolution!

By on October 16, 2013

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The most stunning era to have graced the fashion world, the 50’s! A time when woman looked sexy, sophisticated, feminine and simply wonderful! Though we love the style of the era, in the modern world, it’s just not enough. Celebrities, for sure, have raised the bar on eye catching weird and wonderful outfits and so the plain and simple, however quirky or niche, just won’t do.

Candy Lush Underwear ModelSkin Two’s latex version of an era gone by is that exact touch this style has needed since it emerged on high street railings. Keeping the sophistication and adding a fetish element means ladies who are enjoy sexually seductive styles and really want to dress to impress and turn heads, get the job done without having to delve into black latex Catsuits and bondage wear, for the more low key events and parties. In candy colours inspired by ice cream and milkshake flavours, the Candy Lush range allows women, fetishist or not, to embrace a fun and flirty side in quality latex, crafted to last.CANDY LUSH MODEL

Latex has always been the symbol of sex appeal. When it comes to fashion styles of decades gone by, and with the exceeding need to sex up our outfits, it is only natural that the latex and fashion world would combine to create everyday/night latex fashion clothing for everyone from the fetish crazy to high street shoppers. It won’t be long before high street stores will have racks and racks of latex fashion as the customer demand for it increases with people trying to keep up with celebrities who are regularly embracing the look on stage and off.

Skin Two are pioneering the latex revolution! It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up. With more made to order ranges coming up, our fans and customers will be the most unique latex wearing foxy ladies on the planet. You saw it here first folks! 😉

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