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By on March 31, 2009

london_burlesque_mapNew in 2009, PictureRama Publishing is proud to present the premier edition of Burlesque Map London. It is a one-stop shop for burlesque and retro fashion, shopping, accessories, hotels, cabaret shows, performers and essential services, at a convenient pocket size. It opens the doors to the glamour of Burlesque: a world of saucy striptease, vaudeville variety, and salacious humour… Burlesque Map London is the ultimate, all embracing guide for adventurers wishing to explore an exotic lifestyle, the theatrical way, whatever your tastes and inclinations.

Burlesque: a mixture of satire and performance art
Burlesque, literally translated as ‘a pastiche’, has its origins in the 19th century music hall and vaudeville entertainment, encompassing parodic humour and wit, with a mixture of satire and performance art, and featuring a striptease act. It first appeared in Europe in the early Victorian Era, a time of cultural feud between aristocracy and the working class. This clash gave birth to shows that turned social norms ‘in an upside down style’ or ‘head over heels’ – mocking established entertainment. Burlesque has evolved since then, but has kept some essential traits, such as the striptease element and the bawdy humour, satire and parody.

The Burlesque revival: Neo Burlesque
In the mid 1990s, the art of Burlesque saw an eminent revival in the United States, emerging in the mainstream entertainment scenes.
In the past five years, the New Burlesque, or Neo Burlesque, phenomenon has swayed its way back across the Atlantic to land in London, taking the capital and whole country by storm.

A prominent part of London’s new entertainment showcase with much acclaimed success, Burlesque is presently one of the most popular social scenes in our capital. This is not surprising, as London epitomises eccentricity, playful adventure, and avant-garde creativity: a magnet for all those wishing to exhibit their talent or witness a unique spectacle.

The unique guide to all things Burlesque and Retro
PictureRama Publishing has created the very first and unique Burlesque Map London. It is the must-have accessory for the burlesque accomplished and enthusiast, and an essential for all those newcomers in search of a new image or adventure in this magical, theatrical world. The Map features over 200 listings of the most relevant and valuable places, comprising shops, hotels, vintage and burlesque, hair and beauty, accessories, organisations and associations, together with clubs, cabarets and shows, cafés and bars, pubs and restaurants, venues and monthly and annual events.

Transport yourself back to Retro through fashion, period costumes, vintage clothing, memorabilia, music and all your requisite accessories: wigs, hats, jewellery, fascinators and pin-striped outfits.

Enter the fabulous exotic world of Burlesque with the figure hugging corsets, frilly knickers and nipple tassels, the feathers and sensual lingerie, all set for the most eccentric and titillating shows and cabarets.

Find your hidden talents with the best Burlesque and Pole dancing schools… and become a sensuous dancer, teaser and performer for your private show.
For the grand finale, Burlesque Map London lets you enter the magical, exotic and charismatic traditions of Burlesque through its most famous and spectacular cabarets in the world. The most delightful and captivating performers in the business are all listed for you. It’s all about the wink and the tease, the corsets and stockings to please…

A valued source of essential information
Burlesque Map London: a valued source of essential information for producers, performers, promoters, publishers, journalists and others, searching for each other, thus creating a most comprehensive guide for key people, and key groups within the burlesque milieu.

This unique publication is available across 100s of tightly controlled distribution points including carefully selected shops, cabarets, bars, clubs and hotels across London and other national and worldwide outlets.

Copies of Burlesque Map London can be purchased for just £3.00 (plus p&p) in our on-line shop at: www.burlesquemap.co.uk.

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