Brighton Fetish Weekend 2013

By on June 24, 2013

Join us in Brighton on Friday 28th – Sunday 30th June for a weekend of pervery at the inaugural Brighton Fetish Weekend brought to you by Club Spank and Brighton Twisted Market.

Here’s an excerpt of Jackson Rocco’s review of Club Spank featured in LateXtra issue 37

“….. Ultimately Club Spank sets the standard for fetish clubs in Brighton, a resort that surprisingly hasn’t had a bona fide knockout homegrown fetish club. Not because it has any fireworks, fashion shows or free crisps, for example, but because it fits around a kinky soul nicely – like bespoke latex around a pert bum. Being the hedonistic Mecca it is, you would’ve expected Brighton’s ‘anything goes’ atmosphere to have compelled the Torture Garden circus to come and clean up. But, whereas TG dazzled with its sense of touring event and newbie initiation, Spank delivers the kinky good times in an established and convivially funky setting.

What’s more, the night seemed perfect for the different types of local perves: Weekenders looking to dally in deviant dress up, sexy rubber clubbers looking to throw some shapes and the more hardcore, intent on playing or meeting up to swing elsewhere. Starved of good local kinky fun, I came and dined out very well, and I’ll be back for more when it flagships the very first Brighton Fetish Weekend on June 28th – 30th, alongside Brighton Twisted Market.”

Read the rest in LateXtra issue 37

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