Bondassage Comes to London – A New Exploration of the Senses

By on May 19, 2011

Bondassage is new technique, developed in California by erotic practitioners Jaeleen and Montaine. It is comprised of light bondage, sensory deprivation, massage and sensation play and is warmly recommended by celebrated author Dr Annie Sprinkle, who knows a thing or two about erotic pleasure.

Says Jaeleen, “I started combining what I love about massage and what I love about S&M, which is bondage, sensory deprivation, tease and denial and corporal punishment, and I developed a sequence that eventually became Bondassage.”

“With Bondassage we massage a body part, and then we incorporate something kinky. Then we massage another body part and then we do something kinky. It’s great. It always keeps the client on the edge. In combination with taking away sight and putting on the music headphones it really puts the client deep in touch with their body. It enables people to go to a place they normally don’t access.”

If you think that ’S&M’ sounds just a bit too heavy for you, then Bondassage might be just right. Says Jaeleen, “Absolutely! I designed it for novices, for people who were curious but never tried anything like it. It’s fun, nice, safe, and it doesn’t hurt. It’s totally non-threatening. So, if I’m sensually flogging someone and they clench and tighten, that’s not what I want in this particular case. I’m looking for them to arch their body up to reach out for more, to like and want it.”

Certified Bondassage sessions are now available in London with Rebecca Lowrie, who will demonstrate the sequence at Skin Two Rubber Ball.

Certified Bondassage sessions and also practitioner training are now available in London with Mistress Muse.

Rebecca’s website is

Mistress Muse’s website is

The American Bondassage website is

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