Bob Carlos Clarke

By on March 28, 2006

When we started Skin Two magazine in 1984, Bob Carlos Clarke was the photographer who showed the way. Talented, stylish and successful, Bob used a glorious fetish look in pictures for Daniel James, the fashion designer who took rubber to the catwalk. Their booklet Maid in London is a collectors’ item.Bob’s books are The Illustrated Delta of Venus (1979), Obsession (1981), The Dark Summer (1985), White Heat (1990), and Shooting Sex (2003). His posters and prints sell worldwide. Bob’s pictures fronted high-profile advertising campaigns for international brands. More than anyone, Bob invented fetish style.

My memories of Bob are not only of his work, but of the man. One afternoon over twenty years ago, in his lovely home in Fulham, Bob and his wife Lindsey spread photos all over the floor, enthusiastically sorting out which ones to give me for Skin Two. Note the word ‘give’. Bob was always ready to help, whether it was raising money for charity or supporting a friend. I’ll miss his face at the Rubber Ball each year, or dashing through the traffic in the Kings Road to say hello. Bob was the only person who ever called me ‘Timothy’ and it always made me smile.

Bob was killed in an accident in South West London on March 25th. To Lindsey and their daughter Scarlett, we send our love.

Tim Woodward – 28.03.2006