Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot, by Ruth Ramsden

By on August 6, 2012

The start of a new series by debut writer and illustrator Ruth Ramsden features a feisty sleuthing heroine, JJ – a struggling artist by day and professional dominatrix by night.

“I am a woman who beats up men for a living. I can run for a taxi in 5” heels. I can endure the privations of the tightest corsetry for twelve hour stretches. I have sat on the chest of a 6’ 5” rugby prop forward and slapped his face until he cried (he was a very naughty boy).”

In this hugely funny first adventure, JJ comes into the possession of pornographic pictures of a local villain, after a disastrous date with a man who died under suspicious circumstances. It seems that both were involved in making porn films with JJ’s transvestite ex-husband, Tamara.

The common link seems to be the notorious Pink Parrot night club on the Sussex coast – the haunt of all lovers of kink, with secrets deeper and darker that its private dungeon. Trying to steer clear of drugs and alcohol, JJ finds herself falling off the wagon time after time and landing herself in ever deeper mischief.

As the body count mounts, JJ’s own life is threatened as she gets closer to the truth, a truth made more complex by her sexual infatuation with Max, a kinky, enigmatic sax player.

Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot is a thrill-filled murder mystery told with wit and the occasional crack of the whip. Ramsden has combined the sexuality of Miss Whiplash with the sleuthing ability of Miss Marple, to hugely entertaining effect.
Paperback, 268 pages 13 x 1977 cm
Cutting Edge Books £7.99

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