Blood & Dishonour – the Erotic World of the Satanic Sluts featuring Morrigan Hel and Darenzia

By on November 9, 2007

morrigan helThe Satanic Sluts are 666 of the world’s most creative and original women, united by a shared interest in all things dark and sexual. In the new book, Blood & Dishonour, the Sluts are presented in all their uncensored glory, in a unique series of photographic portraits and personal statements.

Edited by Nigel Wingrove, founder of Redemption Films (and an early member of the Skin Two team), Blood & Dishonour features Morigan Hel (star of London Fetish Girls), Darenzia (top New York fetish model), Sadistik Virgin, Poisoned Venus, Dischordia and others of that ilk. They have chosen the images themselves and added their manifestos on everything from music and fashion to abortion, war and politics.

morrigan hel
darenzia mistress and fetish model nyc

blood mistress

Blood & Dishonour is published by FAB Press at £24.99 for the limited edition with 164 large format pages, plus a splendidly offensive DVD. More information is at

Come and pick up your copy of Blood & Dishonour at the Skin Two Magazine stand (number C8) at Erotica, from 23rd – 25th November. For full details of the Erotica show, go here