Bettie Page Reveals All

By on August 19, 2013

You must see this great new film about the legendary pin-up model Bettie Page, produced and directed by Academy Award nominee Mark Mori… and narrated by Bettie Page herself

After many years in seclusion, Bettie agreed to participate in this new film, which also features Dita von Teese, Hugh Hefner, Bunny Yeager, Tempest Storm, Pauala Klaw and Mamie van Doren.

Bettie Page Reveals All is an intimate look at the rise, fall, and rise again of one of the world’s most recognised and controversial sex symbols.

Page’s unabashed sexual expression and sexually provocative fetish poses set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution and ushered in a modern era in fashion and pop culture. With her razor sharp wit and Tennessee twang, Page emerges from decades of seclusion to reveal her secret past. Continually knocked down throughout her life, her strength of character allowed Bettie to overcome tremendous obstacles and become an international icon.

Unlike any other person, Bettie Page’s life embodies the American conflict between sexual freedom and sexual repression, between censorship and freedom of expression, between the unacceptable and the celebrated.

The movie tells Page’s story by her rather than for her. Bettie’s extraordinary and subversive on camera presence not only helped launch the sexual revolution, but even today causes young women and Paris fashion designers to revel in their perceptions of Bettie Page’s “free-to-be-me” sexual expression. With numerous clips and stills from contemporary music videos, movies and fashion stills, the film shows how Bettie’s influence on fashion and pop culture is stronger than ever.

See a trailer narrated by Bettie, clip by celebs including Dita von Teese and discover where to see Bettie Page Reveals All, at the website –

Mark Mori is an Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker. His films have garnered awards, film festival screenings and theatrical distribution worldwide. Mori’s most notable projects include: Building Bombs (1991), Academy Award nominee Documentary Feature (Producer/Director); Blood Ties the Life and Work of Sally Mann (1994), Academy Award nominee Documentary Short (Executive Producer); The Fire This Time (1994), Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize nominee (Co-Producer) and Kent State, The Day the War Came Home (2000), Emmy Award, Outstanding News and Documentary (Executive Producer).

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