Best Women’s Erotica ‘09 Edited by Violet Blue

By on March 6, 2010

They’ve really got you on the edge of climax with last year’s copy. Best Women’s Erotica ’09 encompasses sizzling explicit content from a myriad of talented sex writers.


Think everything you’ve dared to dream of, but in print, and under the guidance of world renowned sex writer/educator Violet Blue. Like the best orgasm you ever had, you won’t want it to end.

In Neverland, Tiger Lily decides to grab a hold of Wendy and Peter Pan for a night of dominance in the woods they’ll NEVER forget (Fly). James, in awe of the endless pleasures of Lisa’s cunt, is asked to describe it (Describe It). Lesbian lovers dream up taking home a nubile straight girl one sunny day in the park in What If? TGIF for Dana in Switch, as she and her partner Michael engage in switching gender roles every Friday. Looking for a job in Amsterdam finds a woman indulging in steamy live bed shows as she is asked to sleep on a bed in a display window (Live Bed Show).

A wealth of girls behaving badly all under one cover, this is witty, daring and deeply engrossing prose. This anthology is erotica by women for women, and one which celebrates her as a supreme sexual being. Buy Best Women’s Erotica 2009 on Review by Kara Martin

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