Best Sex Writing 2009

By on May 18, 2009

Best Sex Writing 2009 is aptly named. Packed with the best of the best from sex workers, bloggers, sex educators, novelists and journalists, this collection is one for your bookshelves.

best-sex-writing001This isn’t your average sleazy read with quivering members and blushing thighs. Expect to find a broad range of articles and accounts on the A to Z of sex. Is Cybersex cheating? Let’s talk about sex dolls. Rape fantasies gone wrong. Why bathroom sex is hot. Virginity pledging. Purity Balls. Even the prognosis of sexuality and obtaining orgasms after spinal cord injury.

Best Sex Writing 2009 offers thought-provoking studies, answers and opinions on the pros and cons of dating websites for people with STIs, child abuse, sex offenders, a look at the penalisation of soldiers in Iraq for possessing porn and dildos and one woman’s entertaining essay on many, many penises (Daphne Merkin).

This book is like the slightly more responsible sister book to Sex and the City, minus all the shoes. Visit Amazon for your copy, and Cleiss Press for other exemplary sex reads.

After that, if you’re still hungry for more, check out their website at brimming with even more provocative reads. Kara Martin

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