Best Fetish Erotica

By on January 29, 2010

Yet another steamy compilation from Cleis Press, this edition of Best Fetish Erotica takes it up a notch and puts more focus on the darker side of kink, with edgily sexy stories of knife play, cross-dressing, spanking, rubber, doll and food fetishes and the odd costumed animal perv at Disneyland.

Best Fetish EroticaBest Fetish Erotica 2

Some you’ve seen and heard before, while others puzzle and perplex. Noteworthy erotic writer Cara Bruce brings together the best in fetish fiction for your thigh-quivering pleasure. Not only is there literary balls and craftsmanship on display, but it’s also a rude and deeper awakening to a wide range of crazy fantasies and obsessive desires out there.

So suppress yours no further; you’re not the only weird one. Reading this with one hand, you’ll find yourself reaching for that vibrator with the other. Pick it up (the book, I mean) Buy Best Fetish Erotica on Amazon

Published by Cleis Press
Review by Kara Martin

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