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Dark Circus New Years Eve Ball
31st Dec
Celebrate New Years Eve at the Dark Circus in a glamorous grand Ballroom!

* Belle Epoque is a collaborative event between Bourne & Hollingsworth and Torture Garden. It is a fantasy event with a dress code, theme decor and TG style shows, but it is not fetish and there is no dungeon.

Step inside the abandoned circus and prepare for a
spine-chilling sensory feast because the Dark Circus Party is rolling into town for the grandest and most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration.

Prepare to become engulfed in the shadows of the circus; a dark, dreamy and depraved world of heady illusion and unbridled spectacle.

This New Year’s Eve, prepare yourself for mind blowing, jaw dropping acts as we welcome Torture Garden’s troupe of aerialists, freaks and contortionists to the circus once more to beguile and entice guests.

Marvel at the wonders of the circus as you’re presented with Aerial Acrobatics, Cabaret Queens, Dramatic Cage Installations, Bearded Ladies, Contortionists, Exotic Sideshow Pole Dancing, Caged Animals, Snake Charmers, Vintage Circus & Sideshow Visuals.

Aerial, Stage & Installation Performances Starring:

The Reining Queen of Burlesque – Miss Exotic World 2013!
LouLou D’vil (Finland)
Circus Freakshow & Strongman:
The Baron (Finland)
Fire & Aerial Geisha:
Aerial Circus Duo:
Wicked Fascinations
JoJo Bones
MisSa Blue
Late Night Shop Cabaret
Felicity Logan

MC Host: Tom Baker

DJ Dandies: David TG, The Secretary & Lydia Darling
Dance the night away with Electro Swing, Circus Burlesque, Kabaret, Ballroom Blitz and Big Top Party Mash-Ups

Guests can sip on Bourne & Hollingsworth’s delectably potent cocktails and peruse the stage from the intimate areas or pay a visit to Miss Marguerite’s painted wagon for a macabre makeover.

The dress code for the evening is strict, but stretches the limits of your imagination:
Vintage, Glamour & Fantasy with a Dark Circus Twist:
Ring Masters, Burlesque Showgirls, Leopard Print Leotards, Tattooed Ladies, Sideshow Freaks, Queens of the Flying Trapeze, Animal Masks, Clowns, Snake Charmers, Lion Tamers, Strong Men, Venice Carnival Masque Ball, Moulin Rouge, Berlin Kabaret, Steam Punk, Top Hat & Tails, Feathers & Corsets, Decadent Dandies, Beautiful Ballerina’s, Ball Gowns, Cocktails Dresses, Dashing Vintage Suits etc.

This is a Glamorous Party! Denim doesn’t dazzle, no one swears by sportswear and smart casual definitely has no place in the divinely decadent surroundings of The Dark Circus Party.

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