BDSMBadAdvice: How do I become a kink educator?

By on October 7, 2010

Dear BDSMBadAdvice,

Can you tell me how to become a kink educator?

Lee Harrington

Dear Lee,

First, I recommend that you move to San Francisco. Kink education is the foundation of the city’s economy. Like actors in Los Angeles, almost every barista and waiter you meet in SF is a wildly successful BDSM presenter or author.

Many of us kink educators start out busking in train stations. The advantage of a train station is that you don’t have to pay a fee to rent the space or split the admissions. I recommend the Embarcadero BART station. It has a number of conveniently placed suspension points. There’s plenty of space to set up slings or crosses and lots of tourist traffic. I find that German visitors in particular really appreciate demos involving scat.

You’re going to need a subject to teach. If you don’t have a class put together yet, you should attend the class of an established educator to get an idea of how presentations are structured. Then take the handout from the class, cross out the presenter’s name and write in your own. Just a quick trip to San Francisco Public Library to make copies and you’ve got your first class!

Trying to come up with material to fill one or two hours can seem daunting at first, but the time goes by faster than you’d think. Here’s an easy way to create a two-hour class:

  • One hour of apocryphal horror stories and urban legends about what can go wrong. This works no matter what you’re teaching, even aftercare.

  • Fifteen-minute break.

  • Ask the audience to give their definitions of every term connected to your topic, and a few that aren’t. This fills about half an hour.

  • For the last fifteen minutes, put on a demo. By this time, your audience will be so impressed they won’t care what you show them.

I guarantee you’ll be getting fisted on piles of $100 bills within six weeks of starting your career if you follow this advice.

Jonathan Byrel Moore is a collared boy and switch in the San Francisco Bay area. Though he is dangerously unqualified to dispense advice on BDSM, kink, Leather, or any other topic, he enjoys giving it anyway. When he isn’t busy being a bad influence at dungeon parties, he drops little brown pellets of wisdom via Twitter, Facebook and FetLife.

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Oh my God! Double penetration all the way across the sky! So intense! What does it mean?

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mark ramsden

October 16, 2010 @ 07:30

Couldn’t the Kink Educator looking for a quick profit start a bisexual club night? This will be especially lucrative as gays don’t despise bisexuals or the transgendered etc, many people don’t regard bisexuals as too scared to be gay and the Pink Pound (not a fetish, the gay dollar) hasn’t crushed all opposition. In theory women do like watching men get it on but must be at home watching it on cable…


October 8, 2010 @ 08:17

In New York, may I recommend the Christopher St PATH station. It’s convenient, has lots of useful benches, is very clean and the exit is at only one end of the platform so if your demo bottom runs away, they’re easy to catch.

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