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If you are lucky enough to visit Japan and to explore its unique fetish and BDSM scene’s you will quickly come to appreciate the many fetish bars and the important role they play in Japan’s kink scene. There are fetish bars in other countries, but there’s nowhere with as many as Japan, and few anywhere with the strong Japanese ethic of  intense focus on customer satisfaction and service. The first time I visited a fetish bar in Japan I made what I guess is a common error and expected the type of hostess bar I’d seen in the UK and other countries – this is a mistake. Whereas hostess bars in Europe tend to over priced and intimidating Japanese Fetish bars are reasonably priced, friendly, and focused on building a relationship with the customers. This is the first of a series of features on Japanese fetish bars

    Bar Amarcord in Tokyo is named after the Fellini movie of the same name. Its also somewhat themed around the movie and its story. A nicely presented bar it further operates as an exhibition space and hosts a variety of arty events and shows which change each month or so. The main Mistress is Rie one of the most famous Mistresses in Japan and she has assembled a staff of girls who are both pleasant in manner and worthy of the term fetish model and mistress. The whole building where the bar is located ( Shinjuku ) is in the midst of becoming a haven for fetish interests with a  photo studio already open and a small fetish boutique in the planning stage. Amarcord also hosts guest Mistresses as the pass through Tokyo, Mistress Amrita was a recent visitor. Bar Amarcord provides a haven and a hang out for the fetish enthusiasts of Tokyo and those passing through. Open 6 nights a week its well worth a visit. All the details on location, events, prices, and the history of the bar, and updates can be found on their website (in Japanese and English) which you can reach by clicking on the bar name at the top of this feature

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