By on February 10, 2007

1-demolition-red_3107.jpgThe UK government is planning to criminalise possession of what they choose to call extreme pornography. This will make criminals of the huge number of decent citizens whose sexuality involves BDSM/fetishism.

Artists, performers musicians and photographers are concerned that their audiences may be hauled off to jail. In response to the government consultation paper “On the possession of extreme pornographic material”, Backlash has paid for the advice of leading Human Rights lawyer Rabinder Singh, written to every MP, human rights lobby groups, leading lawyers to outline the oposition to the proposals and advised hundreds of people on how to write to their MP and how to submit a response to the consultation.

As it gears up for the next round of meetings with politicians, advisers and civil servants and readies itself to field questions from the press when the government summarises the massive number of responses it received, Backlash recently held a fund-raising concert, involving fellow campaigners like Unfettered, the Spanner Trust, Feminists against Censorship and the Sexual Freedom Coalition.

The line-up included Scottish elecktronica wizards Sisa, anarcho punk misfits Flowers in the Dustbin, Powervaggio and Danbert and our MC for the evening was Manchester’s inimitable Lesbian vampire poet, Rosie Lugosi. A good knees-up was had by all. Meantime, clue yourself in on the campaign and get involved.

You can start by visiting their web site at