ASK PATRICK: In BDSM, Slave chooses Master, not the other way around

By on October 11, 2010

Dear Patrick: I am a slave girl who is owned by two masters. I should say ‚”was owned‚” because they are breaking up. The house is going to be sold, and they will use the proceeds to go their separate ways. I have been told not to worry, that one of them will take me on, and I will become part of his household. But I have not been told which master wants me. I find that I have a distinct preference for one of them over the other. In fact, if I cannot be in His service, I may need to end my time here and find another owner. I brought up some of this in a vague way and was told that a true slave serves the master without questioning who he is. That it should not matter to me, as long as I was owned. Is this a slave’s true ideal? Am I being a slacker?–Custody Battle

Dear Custody Battle: The strictest 24/7 ‚”master/slave‚” relationship is still based on a consensual fantasy. It is not real slavery; it is role-playing. I know this opinion will piss off a lot of people. But if you think I am full of crap, just inform your slave that you will no longer be having sex with him or her or doing whatever he or she most enjoys. Design a schedule of activities that consist of all the things the slave has told you are beyond his or her limits. Then see how long it takes your ‚”slave‚” to pack a bag and catch a bus to a new town.

You are in a relationship that is very intense, but you still have the right to a happy life. If you would be miserable trying to serve one of your masters, speak up. Any agreement you had to serve was made to two people in a relationship. When their relationship ended, so did yours. Of course, you have to accept the risk that you won’t get what you want. But it seems like that is a possibility anyway. Try to find a time when you can speak respectfully to the master that you prefer, and ask if you can continue to serve in his household. You have a right to know whether he is making a place for you in his plans‚ or not.

Best of luck. It can be difficult to start over once you have shed the head space of a mundane adult and entered into a fantasy of being chattel, with very limited power or responsibility. You may have to draw on skills that you haven’t used for quite a while in order to make a new life for yourself. I hope all goes well, and you wind up in a situation that meets your submissive needs, with a master who appeals to you.

Patrick Califia is a therapist in private practice in Northern California. His practice includes internet consultations as well as face-to-face psychotherapy. He is a prolific author who has published widely about BDSM and sexual politics. Patrick’s books include Macho Sluts, Sensuous Magic, and Public Sex: The Politics of Radical Sex.

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