American Fetish a Unique Fetish Movie

By on April 5, 2010

There hasn’t been a fetish film like this before. There’s fetish porn, by all means, there’s arty low-budget fetish, there’s fun amateur stuff – but American Fetish is very different from any of those. It’s simply a DVD that’s quite essential for the serious collector…

Imagine a ‘forties Raymond Chandler tale like Farewell My Lovely or The Big Sleep. Think of classic Los Angeles detective stories, drenched in film noir atmosphere, full of bent cops, hoodlums mystery, murder, double meaning… and Bettie Page girls in seamed nylons and silk lingerie.

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Produced and directed by Michael Simmons, with visual styling by Eric Kroll, American Fetish combines all this with LA’s modern fetish underworld. From the stylishly pervy opening shots, you know you’re going to love this. It’s 90 minutes of intrigue, tension – and bondage.

American Fetish_009The son of an alleged murderer finds his Dad’s 50-year old ‘blue movies’, which we  enjoy in flashback. Our hero, played rather well by Matt Jones, delves into the modern fetish club scene and we follow him to clubs where dominatrixes and slaves play out their dreams as he pieces together what really happened. No-one is who they seem to be. Everyone is a perv. Some are good, some are bad, some you don’t know.

For a change, the fetish content is not there to spice up the standard Hollywood movie you can only bear to watch on a plane. No, the BDSM is essential to this film and you really feel that it’s a product of people who understand fetish as well as they understand film. There’s simply nothing else like American Fetish and it’s a must-have gift for yourself or the perv you care for. Don’t miss this.

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Luis Omar Gomez

November 2, 2010 @ 21:14

Me gusta el mundo del fetichismo

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