Allen Jones at The Royal Academy

By on November 10, 2014

Allen_Jones_009The ‘sixties pop artist Allen Jones was reviled by feminists for his sculptures of women at tables and chairs. When they were shown at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts, women threw stink bombs. Famously, Jones’s sculptures inspired furnishings in the film “A Clockwork Orange”.

Now, a new exhibition of Allen Jones’s paintings runs from 13th November to 25th January at The Royal Academy. His drawings will be there too, and the notorious fibreglass sculptures. Are we living in a post-feminist age these days, or will the angry brigade fly the flag for censorship again? We’ll certainly be there to see.

Meantime, here is an interesting interview by Mark Hudson in The Telegraph. The pictures are just a few of our favourites.

Allen_Jones_010 Allen_Jones_008 Allen_Jones_007 Allen_Jones_005 Allen_Jones_013 Allen_Jones_011 Allen_Jones_006 Allen_Jones_004 Allen_Jones_001 Allen_Jones_012

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