Ainsley-T Fashion Performance: Serious Fetish Footwear at the Rubber Ball

By on May 20, 2011

We all love shoes – and Ainsley-t of Milan have elevated serious fetish footwear to an art form. At Skin Two Rubber Ball, on May 8th, fashion model Mam’zelle Maz will parade in Ainsley-t’s gorgeous erotic footwear.

Follow Mam’zelle Maz as she glides around the yacht in black rubber, accompanied by her slave, forming her own moving shoe wardrobe. Foot fetishists should not miss the erotic charge of her feet as she slides off her butt plug boots and eases herself into her favourite pair of ball gag sandals. Drool over them at

The Skin Two Rubber Ball is at

The Ainsley-t photos are by Valentina Quintano and the portraits of Mam’zelle Maz are by Rowan Murray – clothing by Anatomic Bomb! – except the one featuring the rubber raincoat, which is by Alias Photo – clothes by Kim West

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June 7, 2011 @ 14:10

Elegant and beauty.

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