Welcome to skintwomagazine.com, a new type of interactive site.

Put simply, we are a mix of website and social media platform, which means, along with our own posts of varied content, the site is open to anyone who feels they have something valid to contribute! In the past our sites have followed a traditional format still followed by most ……. the site Editor and staff write, or select content from others they think is worthy and it gets posted on the site. When asked to edit this new site I figured that was an outdated concept. It’s too slow, we can only process so much in terms of submissions, and we end with a site that reflects too much my view of the world.

This new site will allow anyone, anywhere, to be a writer, photographer, blogger, or commentator and reach all our audience. It will facilitate new articles and pictures appearing 24 hours a day from anywhere on the planet. People we know, and people with a decent reputation can post unmoderated. Other aspiring contributors will initially have there posts checked before publication (but that will usually be done within a few hours). General site members can post comments beneath articles and pictures in the same way as social media allows. We will not censor pictures unless they are illegal, bad taste, obscene,  sexist, or crap …… in short we aren’t going to get upset about nudity, nipples, etc. We will not censor text unless it breaks the law, as long as it has context and substance …… i.e. if you want to post something contentious it needs to be more than a slogan; if you want to be negative about a lifestyle, sexuality, fashion, etc, you need to back your opinion up with either facts, or evidence, or similar.

We are not strictly a fetish site. Labels like fetish, straight, gay have become meaningless; they exist mostly in the worldview of the narrow minded. We are a site that comes from a long background in fetish and alternative lifestyles, but we aim to be open to new ideas of all sorts in all areas. Examples would include fashion, sexuality, art, music, technology, social movements. We aim to treat all contributors and site users equally. We will not discriminate in any way, neither positive or negative. Race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, politics, religion ……. we don’t give a shit if you can write good, thoughtful text, take good pictures, highlight cool stuff.

Networking. This site will only be as good as those who contribute to it, comment on it, share it. You are allowed to promote yourself (model, designer, club promoter, retailer, photographer, et al) but not to the point of endless spam, try to keep it interesting.

History, and how we got to this point. I left this bit till last as, frankly, many people aren’t interested in yesterday, or what happened twenty years ago; if you are, then read on.