A new dimension to erotic play with Whipcraft

By on December 29, 2008

whipcraft hand crafted whips for erotic playUnique, handcrafted and made from the most exclusive materials, Whipcraft has made quite an impact on the fetish scene since it first introduced its whips four years ago. This year was no exception, when the new collection was presented at the annual Fetish Fashion Party 2007 in Copenhagen.

“I had this dream for many years – to combine fetish and art and to take it to a higher level. When so many people go to such great lengths in expressing themselves sexually, why shouldn’t they have tools that match their efforts?” asks Whipcraft’s artist Troels Jespersen.

“The new collection shows that there are no limits to how far you can go in the quest for a merger between, fetish, art and craftsmanship. To make a Whipcraft is never just a question of mastering the tools. It’s about giving life to the dreams and ideas that I have. Of course I always start out with a concrete idea, but very often things change during the process until the final idea is there” says Troels.

Whipcraft’s collection explores the classic fetish genres, as well as trying to re-invent some of them. On one side the white, red-crossed Medical whip with black leather lashes, tipped with surgical steel, is a classic to any fetishist. On the other side, perhaps, is the Corset whip,a flogger with a delicately fitted black leather corset, which by design and finish sets whole new couture standards for adult toys. Crafted in rosewood with impressive stitched leather work, this whip really wants to take you places!

Also striking is the white and blue striped Sailor, capped with a black rubber-feel cape – a good example of how Whipcraft
wants to challenge fetish and form. Latex lovers may be dazzled by the Lipstick Genital, in shiny fatale-red with a surgical steel tip and fine latex lashes, or tempted by the black de Sade model with heavier latex lashes, also tipped with surgical steel.

“When you are stripped of all trivial glory and symbols, the real you will be revealed. At that point you will know which Whipcraft is you,” says Troels Jespersen and continues, “My point of origin is to combine classic craftsmanship and beautiful materials to create aesthetic pleasure for the quality-conscious fetishist. But I’m also very focused on finding the inner glow in each person, and by following that road, finding the perfect match between the individual and the whip. That is the true spirit of Whipcraft”.

leather whip craftsman

“Whipcraft’s philosophy is to add a new dimension to erotic play. The goal is no longer to see the whip as an accessory, but as an integral part of playing. Visual pleasure with physical ecstasy is the ultimate goal, where individual and tool merge into one. To make a whip is simple. To create one is a challenge. People often ask me, if I consider myself a craftsman or an artist. There is no simple answer to that. Both would be the easy answer. But it would be too easy, I never see it that way. For me whip-making is a quest for perfection”.


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