A Day In The Life Of A Mistress

By on July 17, 2013


One of the great things about being a professional and lifestyle Mistress is that no two days are ever the same. Some days are filled with excitement and play and some can be a very unglamorous stint in front of My computer doing admin.

I chose one of the days that had sunshine and play and excitement to share with you here: I’m going to call itIMG_2285 sadistic Sunday! The day started off with one of My lifestyles slaves, slave b, arriving to give Me a foot massage before I got ready to go out for the day. I sent slave b on a course to learn to give better foot massage and that, along with his knowledge of My personal preference, Means I get a good foot massage when he is in My service. I left slave b to get on with some of My tasks whilst I got ready to attend the London Alternative Market. It was a hot sunny day so I slipped into a summer dress and heels. slave b has been with Me for over seven years and after all that time and training he is one of the few slaves that I trust to be left alone in My flat to attend to cleaning and tasks whilst I’m out.

photoAfter a quick check in the mirror and a farewell kiss on each foot from slave b, I jumped into My car and drove to the office were I run Club Subversion from to pick up some flyers to leave at the market for the London Fetish Weekend and some flyers for an event I’m involved with called ‘Domme Trips’ which is holding an event in the Dominican Republic in October. After picking up the flyers I drove to the Tower Bridge area where the London Fetish Market holds its monthly events.

I like to attend the London Alternative Market on a regular basis because it is a great place to pick up new toys, Meet with friends and chill out on a Sunday, but today was going to be a special day because I was Meeting one of My longest serving slaves (10yrs +) there to buy a new toy to play with later on that evening in a special session. After a few circuits of the market I decided on a toy and left My slave to pay whilst I headed to the bar for a cool glass of white wine. My slave who was with Me at the market doesn’t really have a name, he is generally referred to as either dog or worm and he was very overexcited to see Me…. he was excited by being allowed to be seen out in public with Me and because he was allowed to purchase a new toy for Me but he was especially excited because he had also arranged as a (belated birthday) gift for Me; to have some time in My play space with a beautiful masochistic girl that I had recently met.

Not unsurprisingly the dog’s behaviour was very good that day, mainly due to the fact that I had promised if he behaved during the day that I would tied him up next door leave the door open to the dungeon when I was playing with the sub girl. I think he was hoping that he would be able to see the play but I had already decided on which hood with blindfold he would be wearing that evening.

The sub girl I was due to play with that day has a ‘daddy’ so play had already been negotiated between Myself and him and I had a delicious scene in My head planned out. I finished My drink and bundled the dog into the back of the car and the sub girl in the front who looked excited but slightly nervous at this point. We drove to My play space in West London and after getting into a short latex dress I set about preparing the dog for his long wait in the medical room whilst I played with sub girl. Before strapping the dog to the side of a cage and attaching painful clips and hood, I set about marking him with Roman numerals to represent My birthday with a scalpel. I always make sure that any marking I do on the dog is deep enough to mark but light enough so that I can enjoy going over it again at a later date.

With the dog finally in place I marched into the dungeon to attend to the lovely vision in front of Me. I do love toIMG_2272 play with masochistic girls (and boys) but there is something very delicious about playing with somebody for the first time. I let her see the display of implements I had laid out for her, including My new strap that I had picked up at the market. Her breathing quickened. I spent a good hour spanking and strapping her backside until it glowed and finished off on the bench with a few very harsh strap strokes, which left nice purple welts.

I then stood her up and tied her arms to the suspension frame with her legs fixed with a spreader bar. After a quick check on the dog, including a good tweak of the clips that now been digging into his nipples over an hour, I turned My attention back to the pretty little thing in My dungeon. I enjoyed taking her through a psychological game using ice whilst teasing her in between the torture with a vibrator, her squeals produced an added bonus for Me knowing that the dog was tied up next door listening to everything that was going on. After about another hour of playing I could see that she was at her limit and I let her down and let her curl up to recover wrapped in a duvet.

I finally released the dog from his clips and rope and allowed him to clean up the dungeon whilst the slave girl took a shower. Looking at My phone, I realised it was nearly 11 o’clock in the evening and so after everything was clean and tidy in the dungeon I said goodbye to the dog and one exhausted young lady and drove home. I returned to a clean and tidy flat and on My counter waiting for Me was a bottle of wine left by My slave who knew that I would be getting home late. Good boy I thought. So I sat and answered a few e-mails with glass of wine in hand and then retired to My bed tired but happy from a fun filled day.


Mistress Absolute (www.mistressabsolute.com) is a world renowned Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix who runs Club Subversion in London (www.clubsubversion.com) and the London Fetish Weekend (September 13 – 15 2013 – www.londonfetishweekend.com) whilst helping with international events such as Domme Trips (www.dommetrips.com) and Dom Con LA (www.domconLA.com)

The London Alternative Market that She visited on a monthly event – for more information see www.londonalternativemarket.com

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