4D Latex Rubber for Fetish Fashion Designers

By on June 7, 2010

Four D Rubber is the world-famous manufacturer of the latex rubber sheeting used by fetish fashion designers across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. If you have a favourite rubber outfit, chances are it is made from ‘Supatex’ rubber sheeting supplied by Four D.


Designers know that the surface finish makes it easy to work with ‘Supatex’ rubber and it’s available in loads of cool colours, thicknesses and finishes, including the seriously kinky semi-transparent. Having already extended the range of semi transparent colours, they are about to add a load of new pearlsheen shades, so keep an eye out for the additions to the range.

Masuimi Max

The website is being completely renovated, so take a look in a few weeks and keep up-to-date. Four D Rubber Co is based in Derbyshire, England and all their sheeting is made in the UK. They supply fashion designers anywhere in the world, so if you want to work with the globally recognised market leader in latex rubber sheeting, you know where to look and contact.

In these photos, Masuimi Max wears 4D latex, as used by the famous fetish designers Westward Bound


Website: www.fourdrubber.com
Email: sales@fourdrubber.com
Tel: +44 1773 763134

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