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   Zoe Tamerlis Lund I don’t have many heroes or heroines – but here’s one. Star of MS45 aka Angel of Vengeance. Writer on Bad Lieutenant, probably two of the coolest movies ever made.  


Bikers (people who ride motorbikes) have almost always been associated with a rebel lifestyle. This is particularly true since the period after the end of the second world war, a period which saw the growth of so called bike gangs, the birth of youth fashion, and the increased use of leather in both functional and […]

Our suggestions on things to do in Berlin! Expect to queue for this one, art and new artists are still valued in Berlin. The Haus Berlin Art Bang. (with thanks to artist Anna Von Merm at who brought this event to my attention)…/


Our suggestions on things to do in Berlin! The Bauhaus Archive and Museum of Design.

Our suggestions on things to do in Berlin! Helmut Newton Foundation Museum ……

Chycca Tatsumi – Chycca Xtravaganza Sharing this from my old friend Chycca Tatsumi. I first met her when she was studying in London (Central St Martin’s I think). Effortlessly cool. Hooked up to all the right people. Huge energy and enthusiasm. A whirlwind and a beacon of light. Congratulations. “I am sending this for […]



    Cool article from Dazed Digital that gets the tag “worth sharing”. The degree shows of major – and some minor – fashion colleges can usually be guaranteed to provoke a few emotions. The popular press and other dullards make fun of the excesses of the graduating students whilst ignoring their ingenuity and direction, […]


Really cool armchair. It merges functionality with a sleek uber cool uniqueness. Shame that great furniture tends to be far outside my price range. Read the full article here  …….