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Model Lotte LaVey by coJac photography. Latex by Bondinage Model Lotte Groeneweg aka Lotte LaVey coJac ……. “One more photo of the kickass set i did with Lotte Groeneweg!!! Latex by Bondinage and photo off course by me coJac photography”

Lady Ashari. Shared from Fetish Fashion Models Directory. Model ……. Photographer ……. Mask ….. and …  —

Deep V Neck Mini Latex Dress in Black. Perfect for a night out at the club (fetish or otherwise), this Deep V Neck Mini Latex Dress in Black is sure to turn heads…

Motel Fetish. Chas Ray Krider. John Waters — ‘If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em! Don’t sleep with people who don’t read!’ TASCHEN (London, United Kingdom)

Skin Two Fetish Fashion. This slinky sleeveless Aeon Wetlook Catsuit is perfect for babes who are in control.

Threnody in Velvet. 2018 Calendar, here …….

Fever Miss Whiplash Catsuit. This figure-hugging Fever Miss Whiplash Catsuit accentuates the female body perfectly. The wet look suit features a centre zip, allowing the wearer to be as raunchy as they desire. Miss whiplash will dominate. Please note: crop, flogger and shoes not included

The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline.

Model Share. Photography …. Latex ……

Skin Two Latex Fashion. Skin tight, neck to heel slinky Black Latex Hobble Dress, sleeveless with high collar. A full length 2-way zip runs down the back for easy entry and adjustable restriction. Hobble style skirt dictates tiny, enslaved ‘mermaid’ steps. Stunning worn with long rubber gloves and hot heels.